Nancy’s Observations as a Facilitator and Player

What is life without dreams? I’ve had many job adventures based on my dreams. My history shows I identify a vision and move forward with arms and heart wide open. Where I struggled was day-to-day interactions and life. It was like I assumed pain and upset were just standard parts of my life. I could develop dreams in other areas but not in that area. Dreaming is not always equal in different parts of your living. Part of setting an intention is making sure you decide what you truly want and then awaken the Universe to your true desires.

The Transformation Game is not for people that don’t want to be honest about their power when connected to Spirit. This Tool offers you the opportunity to look at life patterns and supports the process by suggesting strengths that have served you well or maybe might serve you better. Patterns can reveal themselves through repeated behaviors that are personality traits or traumas that raise a fist, stick out a leg, or add a brick wall when you least expect it. We all have habits, and most of us have been doing personal growth work for many years, so we know ourselves pretty well. After facilitating the Transformation Game since 2011, I’ve watched people shift their lives in significant ways through the focus of this experience. I am beyond grateful and honored to be a part of the process.

Often people receive much more affirmation about who they are than they thought possible. That information supports you by opening up new directions and reinforcing patterns that SERVE what you would like your life to be because this experience holds you still for several hours, and you have your Higher Self and me encouraging honesty during the Game. Often people walk away feeling lighter and more transparent, which brings them much closer to realizing their chosen intention.


Never downshift to a lower dream!

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Nancy Jochim